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The Members-Only Area contains:

(1) A full index to Images of America--Caswell County, a photographic history of Caswell County, North Carolina, published by the Caswell County Historical Association in 2009;

(2) CCHA Newsletters 1978-1999, 2003, and 2005-2011 (thirty years; some 720 pages), with a few more issues to be added);

(3) Images of the Maud Gatewood permanent display at the Richmond-Miles Museum in Yanceyville, North Carolina (public pays admission to see these images);

(4) Anderson, George A., Compiler. Caswell County in the World War 1917-1918: Service Records of Caswell County Men. Raleigh (North Carolina): Edwards & Broughton Printing Co., 1921. After World War I ended, the Caswell County Commissioners asked George Andrew Anderson to write a character sketch of the Caswell County soldiers who took part in the war. Anderson took on this project, and the book was published in 1921; and

(5) Henderson, Thomas Johnston, Editor. Wheel Tracks: Service Publication of the Yanceyville Rotary Club. 1942-1943: a collection of what the author/editor Tom Henderson describes as thirty-three "diminutive biographical sketches" of members of the Yanceyville Rotary Club (all prominent in the community).

To view some of these materials you will need Adobe Reader. This is a free program available for download at Adobe Reader. Please remember that the documents and images provided in the Members-Only Area are exclusively for viewing by CCHA Members, they are not to be reproduced or used in any other manner without written authorization from the CCHA, which reserves all rights.

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